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Mentor and Life Coach

Richard shares his time, attention, and resources to guide people safely toward a new, evolving destiny.

All around us life is dying and life is being born. The fruit ripens on the tree, the roots are silently at work in the darkness of the earth against a time when there shall be new leaves, fresh blossoms, green fruit. Such is the growing edge!

This is the basis of hope in moments of despair, the incentive to carry on when times are out of joint and dreams whiten into ash. The birth of the child — life’s dramatic answer to death — this is the growing edge incarnate. Look well to the growing edge!

– Howard Thurman ( author, educator, and civil rights leader)

Countless people feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and discouraged. In the flurry of doing good work and living busy lives, we rarely pause to listen carefully, for those still, small voices that call our hearts to evolve, to be changed.

“The private mentoring relationship is a gently honest place to fall in love with yourself again.”

Richard Brendan has spent the last 35 years companioning with people dealing with depression, fear, grief and loss, and lack of self-love. Richard Brendan works with a few select, committed individuals and small groups as a private mentor and life coach. He helps people:

  • Face changes or transitions in their life and work.
  • Clarify their inner sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Discover their life’s purpose.

Though located in Central Indiana, Richard can work with clients anywhere in the world.

“If you desire to create a fearless, authentic life, re-calibrate the compass of your heart’s direction, explore and embrace the changes in your life with fresh courage, creativity and wonder, I invite you to consider such a journey together.”

If you are interested in engaging in a mentoring relationship with Richard, please click here to get in touch.

Richard Brendan

What Richard’s clients say…

From our first meeting Richard really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right job for me.


Richard has an upbeat manner and is very inspiring. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes. Richard has enabled me to transform my life.


Though I’ve never seemed to suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, I was frustrated because I felt I was stuck and lacked a life passion. Thanks to Richard, in just a few sessions, I now have a vision and a bright new path! Thank you for lighting the way! You are a unique and truly gifted coach.


I came to Richard stuck and overwhelmed in my life, not sure what direction to go. He helped me clarify and set goals based on my values. Four sessions and I’m moving forward with a renewed confidence. Thanks Richard, you changed my life!


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