Richard Brendan

Conscious Living and Conscious Dying

The hospice patients I served often spoke of the simple pleasures as being the best.

  • To listen with the heart and to be heard deeply.
  • To touch with care and to be held by love.
  • To notice the stars in the sky and the smell of the earth.
  • To give something back to humanity.
  • To reflect all these miracles back to the Universe with a grateful heart.

These are the things that give life meaning.

It’s only when we embrace our mortality that we can truly celebrate life and live deeply. Through my speaking, mentoring, and podcast, I’d be honored to assist you in creating a life worth living.

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Richard Brendan
Mentoring / Coaching

Richard Brendan works with a few select individuals and small groups as a private mentor and life coach.


Richard is a professional keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and retreat facilitator, engaging audiences with passion and humor.

Dying to Live Podcast

Conversations and stories on the art of living, loving and dying.

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The Richard Brendan Show — Bringing Love to Life radio show was a positive and inspiring radio talk show that served as a voice for loving self, one another, and the Earth. On the air for more than 14 years, the program empowered listeners as it explored many top social issues.

Donna De Lory

August 26th, 2018|

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See with Love

The one I seek is within me.
Give me new eyes so I can see the love inside myself.
Give me new eyes so I can see the love inside others.
May I rise into love with all that is.
May I see all as sacred.
May I see with love.

Richard Brendan